Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure for ""

The Purpose of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how any information, if collected, is handled by ""

"" may be, at any point in time, associated with the Affiliate Programs of third parties. For information on how these third parties handle such information, please visit their respective privacy policies.

Privacy is very important, and it should be clear how collected information is used, as well as what information is collected.

General and Non-Personal Information

With many websites, including "," the collection of impersonal information is used for such purposes as: traffic stats, pages visited, links clicked, etc.

At "," this information is displayed to the owner(s) of "" in "groups" of visitors, which means each visitor's individual activity on "" is private and anonymous.

Cookies are generally used to track this sort of data. Please note that basically all browsers provide the option of refusing to allow tracking cookies to be stored on their computers by websites. By having the browser's settings set to allow cookies, visitors are automatically giving consent for such impersonal information to be collected via cookies.

Voluntarily Given Personal Information

Any personal information given is completely voluntary.

"" can be viewed without giving any personal information.

If personal information is voluntarily given, it will remain private and confidential unless (1) it is specifically allowed by the visitor, such as via means of a submission form in which the visitor requests that their name to be published in conjunction with content they have submitted for publication on "," or (2) in the rare event that it is required by law.

Any personal information that is viewed by the owner(s) of "" via Affiliate Programs will also remain private and confidential, so far as "" is concerned.

For specific information on how certain Affiliate Programs deal with information, please view their privacy policies.

Consent of Visitors and Rights of ""

By the act of submitting any personal information to "" or to any company providing an Affiliate Program with whom "" is associated, visitors agree to the collection, use, storage, and disclosure of such information as outlined in this Privacy Policy for "," or the privacy policy of the companies who provide the Affiliate Program(s), whichever is applicable.

By the act of general use of "" visitors consent to the collection and use of impersonal and general information by "," such as the use of cookies used to track "page views" or "links clicked" (information that is stored in "groups").

Visitors should have control of having such cookies stored on their computers via the settings of their browsers.

Please note that if any visitor requests their personal information, that is provided to "," be made public or to be otherwise disclosed, it is at the sole discretion of the owner(s) of "" to comply with, or refuse, such requests.

Security of Information

The privacy of visitors is important and keeping such information secure is also important.

However, unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to always have 100% security. In the very rare event that personal information is confiscated when it was not possible for the owner(s) of "" to reasonably prevent such confiscation, "" and it's owner(s) will remain without liability to such events out of their control.

Affiliate Programs with whom "" is Associated, and Additional Consent of Visitors

Companies who offer Affiliate Programs have their own respective privacy policies. For information on how information is collected, used, stored, or disclosed via the companies offering an Affiliate Program, please visit their own respective privacy policies.

It is important to note that affiliate links clicked on by visitors will generally initiate "cookies," or other such tracking data, being stored on visitors' browser, computer, or device in order to give appropriate compensation to affiliates who referred such visitors via a tracking link.

Please be aware that visitors who click on such affiliate links are consenting to these tracking cookies being placed on their browsers, computers, or devices.

As noted, companies who offer Affiliate Programs use these cookies to give appropriate compensation to their affiliates.

"" is not held responsible for any personal information, given by visitors, to third party companies, unless the owner(s) of "" are given permission to view such information, in which case this Privacy Policy for "" applies.

SiteSell's Privacy Policy

"" exists only because of SiteSell and their "Site Build It!"

Therefore, SiteSell's privacy policy applies to "," since they are the Technical Contact for ""

Please view SiteSell's Privacy Policy for more information.

Terms Used in this Privacy Policy

"" refers to the website and/or content displayed on "," and/or to the owner(s) of the website "," depending on the context of its use in this Privacy Policy for ""

Visitor/Visitors indicates any person visiting, through any means, "" or visiting any company who offers an Affiliate Program with whom "" is associated, so long as such companies offering the Affiliate Program were reached via links on the website ""

Privacy Policy mainly refers to this Privacy Policy for "" However, privacy policy (or policies) may refer to the companies offering an Affiliate Programs with whom "" is associated, as determined by the context of its use in this Privacy Policy for ""

Affiliate Program/s refers to any Affiliate Program that "" participates in, and thus provides links to products provided by the companies offering these Affiliate Programs.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

"" may at any time, without notice to visitors or third parties, and at the sole discretion of the owner(s) of "," change this Privacy Policy for ""

Please review this Privacy Policy whenever giving personal information, or whenever concerned about the collection, use, storage, and/or disclosure of personal, or impersonal, information.

Current Affiliate Programs

SiteSell's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program
"" exists only because of SiteSell and their "Site Build It!" (SBI!). "" is therefore proud to be a participant in SiteSell's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program. Affiliates earn lifetime commissions upon Solo Build It-renewals, making it one of the best affiliate programs available.

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program
"" is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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