Site Build It Scam:

An Anti-SBI Campaign by Threatened Competitors

Personal experience has shown that "Site Build It" isn't a scam. The truth is that threatened competitors have an anti-SBI campaign going on.

Their goal is to lead people to buy THEIR products instead of "Site Build It."

They are threatened by SBI's value, because SiteSell and their "Site Build It" have no true competition in terms of what they offer.

No other company can produce evidence of success like this: 62% of all SBI sites are in the top 3% of all websites on the internet.

See the evidence they provide at SBI Proof

Tactics of Fraudulent Companies

These fraudulent companies use deceitful tactics, such as paying people to create, on-demand, fake reviews of a product they have never used.

They then use inter-linking strategies between false-information websites, in order to boost their ranking in search engines.

Essentially, they are found to abuse the search engines, as well as the searchers, which is the worst part.

Scamming the Searchers

These companies mislead unknowing searchers into believing that a great company is really a scam, and then lead some into buying their own low-quality product.

When searchers realize that what they've bought is low-quality, they feel scammed and feel there is no one they can trust online.

Essentially, in trying to avoid what they are told is a scam, they are scammed in the process, which is not fair for the searchers.

Thankfully, Solo Build It isn't a Scam

This website is proudly built by "Solo Build It" and it would have never existed were it not for SiteSell and their "Solo Build It."

Please be encouraged to research the evidence SiteSell provides, proving that their "Solo Build It" leads many people to success.

Few companies can provide true evidence, like SiteSell can, that shows they are real and provide real success.

Additional Information

Please also view SiteSell's official reply to this Solo Build It Scam campaign, by threatened competitors, at Site Build It Scam: Official Response

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